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An AC Electric Engine

The AC Electric Engine produces power by demagnetizing a Shaft Core which has been charged in a Magnetizing Unit. It requires an alternating redstone signal to run.

Rotarycraft Handbook DescriptionEdit

"The alternating current (AC) engine, like its DC cousin, requires a redstone signal to perform.  Moreover, this one needs an alternating signal, best supplied with a redstone clock.  Faster cycle times correlate to more consistent power output, with 2-clocks providing a constant supply of 512 Nm at 256 rad/s, or 131.072 kW.  This engine requires a magnetized shaft core, which it will gradually de-magnetize."


Each millitesla of magnetization of the shaft core lasts for 30 seconds.



512 Nm


256 rad/s


131.072 kW

Power Source Redstone Clock and Magnetized Shaft Core
Requires Consumables None
Risks None

Tips & TricksEdit

  • Redstone clocks from nearly all mods are ineffective or completely useless for running this engine, as they tend to be very slow.
  • Holding a magnetized shaft core near one of these engines will cause it to emit a small amount of power, due to the fact that moving magnetic fields generate a current. This takes precedence over normal functioning; holding one near an operating engine will make it behave erratically.
  • If you use too slow of a redstone clock, the output may fluctuate slightly from 129kW to 131kW.  This can cause issues using these engines with shaft junctions. Use a shaft power bus setup instead to split power from AC engines, or flywheels to stabilize the output.
  • Like it's weaker cousin the DC Electric Engine, the AC Electric Engine is a form of perpetual motion machine. Provided an initial energy input (a shaft core with a single mT of magnetization), an AC engine can run a magnetizer to magnetize a new shaft core to a higher magnetization. With certain automation, a closed loop system is achieved, creating new energy with no input material.

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