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Bedrock Breaker

The Bedrock Breaker acts as a grinder, chipping away at bedrocks and producing Bedrock Dust in the process. Bedrock dust is usable in a variety of machines and tools.

Rotarycraft Handbook DescriptionEdit

The Bedrock Breaker will, when sufficiently powered, gradually grind away at the bedrock blocks in front of it. When each block is consumed, it will create some bedrock dust, which can be used to make the highest tier of tools or shafts and gears - bedrock. This machine's operational speed goes up as the input speed does. This machine will NOT break the bedrock at layer 0.


The Bedrock Breaker slowly chips away at Bedrock each processing step.

The first processing step will replace a bedrock block with a bedrock slice block. Each subsequent processing step it will decrease the size of the bedrock slice until it fully breaks (taking a total of 17 processing steps, the replacement of the bedrock with the slice included).

Bedrock dust, that the machine gathers upon fully breaking a bedrock slice, is gathered by right-clicking on the machine.

Power SpecificationsEdit

Required Power 4.194 MW
Required Torque 16384 Nm
Power Input Back

Duration of Operation FormulaEdit

Time = 600 - 30 × log₂ (speed + 1)

Output of OperationEdit

  • 2 bedrock dust per block broken (16 operations per block).

Screwdriver UsageEdit

Right Click Turns the machine

Tips & TricksEdit

  • Use of bevel gears and/or diamond shafts is recommended to move the breaker around after its limit of 4 blocks is reached. As of v25 for 1.6.4 however, this isn't necessary as the range of the breaker has been set to infinity.
  • First things to make with dust obtained should be a CVT and an industrial bedrock coil to simplify future farming of Bedrock Dust. For this you should get minimum of 20 dust on your first dig.