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A Blast Furnace

Blast furnaces are used for producing HSLA Steel ingots from iron ingots, using coal, gunpowder, sand and iron ingots as materials. Furnaces must be preheated to 600C before they can produce HSLA Steel Ingots.

Rotarycraft Handbook DescriptionEdit

"The blast furnace is the main way to make steel.  Simply supply carbon (in the form of coal) at the left, gunpowder at the bottom-left and fill any or all of the middle nine slots with iron ingots.  Heat the machine to 600C to start the alloying process.  The machine will operate more efficiently with more slots full of iron, and will give higher bonuses (up to a 49% chance of a bonus with size up to 100% (11% chance)).  Note that the coal is not fuel - an external heat source is required."

Usage Edit

Processing Edit

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A Blast Furnace running at maximum efficiency

The blast furnace requires iron ingots (3x3 slots in the middle), sand, gunpowder and coal (slots on the left) and a minimum temperature of 600C to produce steel.

Unlike coal, which will always be consumed during the process, gunpowder, has around 0.1% chance of being consumed, and sand around 0.9% depending on how many iron ingots are being converted at once.

The chance of bonus steel being created is affected by the difficulty setting (of the mod, not the game) and how many slots are filled with iron ingots. If there is a bonus, the production will be increased by up to 100%.

The chance of bonus steel can be calculated by choosing the 2 applying values form the following tables and multiplying them.

Difficulty Bonus Chance Modifier
Easy Normal Hard
2 1 0.5
Base Bonus Chance
(based on Slots filled with Iron Ingots)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
0.50% 2.02% 4.59% 8.31% 13.28% 19.67% 27.68% 37.60% 49.78%

Heating Edit

A variety of methods exist for heating the furnace to 600C. Lighting a fire underneath will not work - the temperature will only rise to 225C and stagnate.  Lava is a simple way of achieving a constantly high enough temperature; simply place lava in a block directly adjacent to (or below) the furnace and the furnace will slowly heat up.

Tips & Tricks Edit

  • The sand requirement was added in v17, but the GUI may not be updated.  The sand goes in a slot above the coal.  Prior versions do not require sand.
  • In the beginning, when players don't have any means other than lava to heat the furnace to sufficient steel production temperatures, placing the furnace in a cold biome can cause an adjacent lava block to be unable to heat it enough. In these cases, place a heater below a blast furnace, feed it a bucket of lava and set the temperature to 1000 C. Alternatively, a block of lava and a block of fire can be used in conjunction.