Block Ram

The Block Ram is a powerful block, somewhat like a piston. It uses the blocks inside and rams them out, pushing all the blocks in front of them away. This will continue up to a line of 512 blocks.

RotaryCraft Handbook DescriptionEdit

"The block ram will push out a line of blocks, akin to a more powerful piston. Simply supply it with building blocks and it will build until it hits an obstacle such as bedrock, a chest, spawner, or other machine, or its length reaches 512 meters."


Required Power

131,072 W

Required Torque

1024 Nm


The interface of the Block Ram includes nine slots that you can place blocks to be rammed into. Items can be pumped into these slots from any side but the front.

Angular Transducer OutputEdit

  • Power recieved
  • Power source
  • Current range
  • Max range