A centrifuge attached to bevel gears

Description Edit

The centrifuge is a processing machine that separates some items into more basic components using fast speeds. It can be used to squeeze canola seed husks, leftovers from canola seeds processed by a grinder, getting and extra amount of lubricant.

Rotarycraft Handbook DescriptionEdit

"The centrifuge will use large centripetal forces to separate items into constituents of different density, or to squeeze fluids out of some items. If you are into beekeeping, it can also extract propolis and other products from combs."


Power 16384 W
Speed 4096 rad/s
Power Input Bottom

Recipes Edit

Magma Cream -> Slime Ball and Blaze Powder

Melon -> Melon Seeds (4)

Pumpkin -> Pumpkin Seeds (12)

Wheat -> Wheat Seeds (4)

Gravel -> Flint (50%), Sand (75%)

Netherrack Dust -> Glowstone Dust (25%), Gunpowder (80%), Sulfur (40%)

Dirt -> Sand (80%), Clay (10%)

Blaze Powder -> Gunpowder, Sulfur (75%)

Slipery Comb -> Slipery Propolis (80%), 50mb Lubricant

Slipery Propolis -> 150mb Lubricant

Canola Husks -> 90mb Lubricant (on normal, changes with difficulty)

Duration of Operation FormulaEdit

Time(in ticks) = 1200 - 60 × log2 (speed + 1)

Time(in sec) = Time(in ticks) / 20

At min speed, 4096 rad/s = 23.99 seconds per operation

At 1MW, 1Nm @ 1048 krad/s (2^20 rads/s), you get one operation per tick.

At 2MW, 1NM @ 2097 krads/s (2^21 rads/s), you get 2 operations per tick.

At 4MW, 1NM @ 4194 krads/s (2^22 rads/s), you get 3 operations per tick.

At 8MW, 1NM @ 8388 krads/s (2^23 rads/s), you get 4 operations per tick.

And so on. Every doubling of the speed increases the operations per tick by one.

Tips & TricksEdit

  • It squeezes some lubricant out of canola seed husks.
  • It can also be used to separate gravel into sand & flint, extract seeds from some crops and separate magma cream into its original components, among other uses.
  • It has native compatibility with Forestry and allows centrifuging honeycombs.