RotaryCraft Fans are used in farming to break and automatically replant crops while in addition pushing the products away for collection. They can be powered by a DC Engine, however this does not provide enough power to replant the crops or push the items. 

Rotarycraft Handbook DescriptionEdit

The fan emits a stream of air that will push entities around. With greater input power, heavier entities can be moved, and all entities will accelerate faster. A minimum of 1024W of power is required, and power levels greater than 2097152W of power will have no increased effect due to airflow limitations. The fan, at higher speeds, can also be used to uproot crops to harvest them, and to put out - or spread - fires.

Harvesting Speed: 512 rad/s

Fire Extinguish Speed: 64 rad/s


Required Power 1024W
Power Input Back

Range of Operation FormulaEdit

6 + Power / MINPOWER (m)

128 meters top. (From Fan itself ingame.)


2014-02-24 16.41.09

Place the Fan down facing the crops you wish to be automated. The Fan must be placed at the same height as the crops. Depending upon the power supplied, the Fan will push items into distance.

Steam engines are powerful enough for the Fan. A fan powered by a single steam engine will Break/Plant/Push plants up to 22 blocks in front of it. 

(The block on top is from extra utilites and is used to mute the sound produced by the Fans and Steam Engines, as they are a bit noisy)

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