RotaryCraft Handbook DescriptionEdit

"The fertilizer, when given apatite or bonemeal, can accelerate the growth of nearby crops, saplings, and other plants. To dissolve the fertilizer, this machine requires liquid water."

Power SpecificationsEdit

Required Power

1024 W

Power Input bottom

Range of Operation FormulaEdit

Range = 2 * log2(torque)

  • The maximum range, by default, of the Fertilizer is capped at 32 meters, meaning that 65,536 Nm is required to achieve default maximum range.

Speed of Operation Formula Edit

Number of updates (per tick) = 4 * log2(speed)

  • The Fertilizer can achieve multiple updates per tick. For every doubling over 1,048,576 rad/s, you get one extra update per tick.

Example Operation Edit

  • Using 2 Performance Engines junctioned together with no gearing (total of 512 Nm @ 1,024 rad/s) you get a fertilizer with a range of 18 meters and 40 blocks of crops, in that range, that update every tick.

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