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Rotarycraft Handbook Description Edit

"The fluid compression chamber can store up to one million buckets of any one fluid. Higher torques allow for higher achievable pressures; if your torque is not high enough, you will not be able to pump in further fluid. Both gasses and liquids can be stored, but liquids take many, many times more torque to compress.."

Requirements Edit

Power 16384 W
Min Torque 1024 Nm
Power Input Bottom

Max Storage per Torque Edit

Torque (Nm) Liquid (Lubricant) Gas (CO2)
1,024 Nm 2.5 B 20 B
4,096 Nm 25 B 200 B
16,384 Nm 250 B 2,000 B
65,536 Nm 2,500 B 20,000 B
262,144 Nm 25,000 B 200,000 B
1,048,576 Nm 250,000 B 1,000,000 B
4,194,304 Nm 1,000,000 B

Angular Transducer Output Edit

  • Power and speed received
  • Volume of fluid stored

Screwdriver Usage Edit

Right Click Re-orient
Shift + Right Click Re-orient

Tips & Tricks Edit

  • You only need 1 RPM to operate, but must remember to meet 16,384 W of total power.

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