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Rotarycraft Handbook DescriptionEdit

"Flywheels store rotational kinetic energy. They take some time to spin up to the input speed, but when they do, they keep spinning for some time, providing a more steady power output to a machine than a shaft hooked up to a varying input. Heavier materials make better, more efficient - and more powerful - flywheels. Spinning one of these too rapidly will result in a violent and destructive failure."

Angular Transducer OutputEdit


Name Required Torque Max Torque Max Speed Max Power
Wood Flywheel 4 Nm 16 Nm 2,981 rad/s 47,696 W
Stone Flywheel 32 Nm 128 Nm 3,265 rad/s 417,920 W
Iron Flywheel 128 Nm 512 Nm 6,584 rad/s 3,371,008 W
Gold Flywheel 1,024 Nm 4,096 Nm 1,414 rad/s 5,791,774 W

Screwdriver UsageEdit

Right Click
Shift + Right Click