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A Gasoline Engine

Gasoline engines use ethanol crystals to produce shaft power. They do not require heat to operate or become more efficient, and do not have any risks.

Rotarycraft Handbook DescriptionEdit

"The gasoline engine, true to its name, runs on...ethanol. Simply load in ethanol crystals and watch them burn to produce 128 Nm of torque at 512 rad/s, or 65.536 kW of power."


Each ethanol crystal provides 1000 mB of ethanol, which lasts for 60 seconds. 320 ethanol crystals will completely fill up the tank, and you can place another stack in the input slot for a total of 5 hours and 4 minutes of continuous operation.



128 Nm


512 rad/s


65.536 kW

Power Source Ethanol
Requires Consumables No
Risks None

Tips & TricksEdit

  • Placing ethanol crystals in the engine converts it into liquid ethanol. To take the fuel out, an empty bucket can be used on the engine (by rightclicking), which will remove 4000mB of ethanol.