Rotarycraft Handbook Description Edit

The gravel gun launches pieces of flint at high speed at a target. At higher charge levels, the pieces can deal enough damage to kill most mobs in one hit. Due to its low mass and enormous velocity, the flint is not affected by gravity over its trajectory. This tool uses gravel as ammunition, and can only fire at a living entity, not things like blocks, machines, or dropped items.

Requirements Edit

The gravel gun must be charged at the worktable using a wind spring.

The gravel gun consumes 1 gravel from the player's inventory and 1 kJ of energy from its charge for each shot.

Damage Formula Edit

Prior to version .23d, the gravel gun does 0.75 × log₂ (charge / 2) × (1.0001)^charge hearts of damage for a maximum of 256.5 hearts at 32MJ.

After version .23d, the gravel gun does .5 + .5 × + (1.0001 + (charge^.1875) / 150000)^charge × 1.5 × log₂(charge / 2) hearts of damage for a maximum of 1142.5 hearts at 32MJ.

Tips & Tricks Edit

The increase in damage per shot yielded by a charge increase of 1kJ always increases for charges greater than 5073kJ.

To one-shot the Ender Dragon, a charge of at least 21,000 KJ (21 MJ) must be applied. This will only ever be accomplish-able with a high-strength spring, as most regular Wind Springs tend to break around 8MJ.

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