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A Hydrokinetic Engine

Hydrokinetic engines produce shaft power by harnessing the power of falling water. In more recent versions, different fluids can be used. Depending on the fluids density and viscosity different amounts of torque are generated. They require to be lubricated before running. A 60 block fall will produce the maximum amount of power at 16384 Nm and 32 rad/s. The minimum height is a 1 block fall producing 136 Nm at 1 rad/s.

Rotarycraft Handbook DescriptionEdit

"The hydrokinetic engine converts the energy of falling water into shaft power.  Note that this machine can only rotate counterclockwise, and therefore the waterfall must be positioned accordingly.  Additionally, adjacent blocks can obstruct the paddles from rotating.  Finally, this engine's power output is dependent on how far the water is falling.  A 3-block fall will produce minimum power, but a 64+ block fall can produce 16384 Nm at 32 rad/s, the highest torque of any engine, totalling 524.288 kW.  These engines can also be chained, adding their torques together."


Max Torque

16384 Nm

Max Speed

32 rad/s

Max Power

524.288 kW

Power Source Falling Water
Requires Consumables Lubricant
Risks Spinning Paddles

Bedrock UpgradeEdit

This engine can be upgraded to a bedrock version which allows 16 engines to be linked together. Without this upgrade only four engines can be linked. To perform the upgrade, right click on the hydrokinetic engine with a bedrock shaft unit.

Tips & TricksEdit

  • When chaining hydrokinetic engines together, attach lubricant piping from one end and it will distribute evenly among all the chained engines.
  • There is no on/off switch for the hydrokinetic engine other than the falling water. A system of pistons can be set up in the water flow above the engine, to shut off the water as a makeshift switch. This helps preserve the lubricant which is otherwise wasted unless you're constantly using the engine.
  • There is no penalty for trying to run an unlubricated hydrokinetic engine, but it will not spin or generate any power.
  • Hydrokinetic engines can only use falling water. Other liquids will not work, and hot liquids will destroy the engine.
  • Each bucket of lubricant lasts 500 seconds, or 8 minutes and 20 seconds.