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The Item Vacuum is useful in that it can vacuum up items and XP orbs within its operational range and store them internally.

Rotarycraft Handbook DescriptionEdit

"The item vacuum draws items and XP orbs towards it, and will absorb them into its internal storage when they get close. To extract the stored XP, right-click it with a screwdriver while sneaking. The item vacuum can also suck items from inventories horizontally adjacent to it (except other vacuums)."


Power 16384W
Torque Any
Speed Any
Range 8 + (Power*4)/16384 m
Power Input Any side


Angular Transducer OutputEdit

  • Power received from
  • Range and max range
  • Input power and speed

Screwdriver UsageEdit

Right Click Show Inputs
Shift + Right Click Get XP

Tips & TricksEdit

  • This machine is very useful for automated farms, when used in conjunction with a fan.
  • Note that its operating range is unaffected by walls so placing it right next to the base is not recommended, as any dropped items will immediately be moving and trying to get through the walls, often getting lost in the process.

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