Jetpack is a utility tool allowing player to fly. It consumes ethanol on use and has to be refueled at filling station. It's worn instead of chest armor. Fuel level is displayed on screen while wearing jetpack. Placing it along with either a Steel Chestplate or a Bedrock Chestplate in a Worktable will combine the items, offering improved defense at the cost of flight performance. If three Steel Ingots are placed in a horizontal line above the Jetpack, a glider will be attached, causing the user to glide while falling, similar to the Hang Glider from OpenBlocks.

RotaryCraft Handbook DescriptionEdit

"A jetpack allows you to fly, making construction and navigation (or even combat) much easier. It consumes rather a lot of ethanol, so keep an eye on the fuel gauge.

The bedrock chestplate can be combined with the jetpack to get both the ability to fly and the protection of the chestplate. Because of the added mass, it is slightly less powerful and responds slightly more sluggishly."

Tips & TricksEdit

  • (SMP) Flying on jetpack may cause "Flying is not enabled on this server" client error. Server property allow-flight=true must be set to fix this. In newer versions this is not required.
  • Flying with a jetpack while on fire will cause explosions knocking you back in a random direction, touching lava with a jetpack on will do the same and will destroy the jetpack (bedrock jetpack will revert to bedrock chestplate). This can be prevented by placing two cooling fins and the jetpack in a worktable.
  • The Jetpack's wing can be disabled by holding it in your hand and shift-right-clicking. To re-enable it, you will need to do so again. (Though sometimes twice due to the first click not registering)
  • The Thrust-Boost upgrade (applied using a Gas Turbine) will be activated when you press both spacebar and a directional key, and provides extreme speeds. However, it will only function when the jetpack is filled with jet fuel, and will be non-functional with Ethanol.