The Magnetostatic Engine is RotaryCraft's power-conversion machine for transforming RF (Redstone Flux) into RotaryCraft power.  In current versions it outputs at a constant torque.  The rad/s setting is variable and can be configured using this block's GUI.  The maximum speed is restricted by the "tier" of the machine (see Tiered Magnetostatic Engines below).

Prior to v3, this machine can be helpful as an easy jump-start into some of the more advanced machines in RotaryCraft and can be an effective way of utilising the mod's extremely powerful ore-processing ability (in conjunction with a diamond 16x gearbox which will not use up lubricant) whilst still maintaining a base which relies mainly on Thermal Expansion power. As of v3, the engine itself is more expensive, and the upgrades are gated behind upper-tier RotaryCraft machines and resources which makes the engines a late/end-game item.

Tiered Magnetostatic EnginesEdit

As of v20, Magnetostatic Engines now come in six tiers.  Crafting a Magnetostatic Engine yields a tier-0 engine that is capable of outputing 2.048 kW with a torque of 8 Nm at 256 rad/s while consuming 1 RF/t. 

As of v25, Magnetostatic Engines require and consume lubricant to run. The amount consumed does not change with operation speed (as usual for Rotarycraft machines), but it does change with engine tier. While tiers 0 to 3 are not particularly demanding, tier 5 is somewhat thirsty. 

As of v3, Magnetostatic Engines require and consume liquid nitrogen to run, and no longer need lubricant. Engine tier upgrades are much more expensive, and have been renamed: 

Tier Upgrade Name
1 Redstone Cooling Upgrade 
2 Magnetic Coil Upgrade
3 Flux Conductance Upgrade 
4 Thermal Stability Upgrade 
5 Torsion Resistance Upgrade 

The Tier 2 upgrade needs to be magnetized to at least 720 microTeslas in a Magnetizer.

Upgrades may be crafted and applied by right clicking them on a placed engine.  Each upgrade requires the previous upgrade to be applied; you cannot apply a tier-2 upgrade to a tier-0 engine.  Each tier outputs a specific torque; speed is selectable by powers of two, up to a maximum value.

Tier output (max) torque (Nm) speed (max) (rad/s) RF/t


Liquid Nitrogen
0 2.048 kW 8 256 4 very little
1 16.384 kW 32 512 38 very little
2 131.072 kW 128 1024 341 very little
3 1.049 MW 512 2048 3055 little
4 8.389 MW 2048 4096 27813 some
5 67.109 MW 8192 8192 258110 a lot

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