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A Performance Engine

Performance engines run on ethanol. Their efficiency can be increased by fuel additives. Unless supplied with water-coolant, these engines can overheat. The performance engine can also be used without an additive. Without an additive, the performance engine produces the same amount of power as a gasoline engine, but with twice the rate of fuel use.

Rotarycraft Handbook DescriptionEdit

"The performance engine, like the gasoline engine, runs on ethanol, but it also requires water coolant and can only reach its maximum output when given the correct additives to its fuel supply - redstone, gunpowder, or blaze powder, each being more effective than the last. Fully supplied and maintained, these engines will produce 256 Nm of torque at 1024 rad/s, a total of 262.144 kW."



256 Nm


1024 rad/s


262.144 kW

Power Source Ethanol and additives
Requires Consumables Ethanol and redstone/gunpowder/blaze powder
Risks Overheats at 1000C

Tips & TricksEdit

  • Powering up these engines results in a spike in fuel usage so if you are trying to conserve fuel over relatively small periods of time (=< 30 sec where you're not using the engine), it is more efficient to just leave the engine running than keep shutting it on/off.
  • Breaking the engine with fuel still inside will result in both fuel and additive loss. Use buckets to retrieve the leftover reagents before moving the engine.
  • The performance engine consumes fuel at twice the rate of the gasoline engine; each crystal only adds 30 seconds of run time.
  • The additives all provide the same power bonus, but last for different amounts of time. Redstone adds 180 seconds of time, gunpowder adds 360, and blaze powder adds 720 (12 minutes).