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RC set of pipes and hoses is designed to transport various liquids to and from RC machinery. The pipes take up the liquid from reservoirs or machines without redstone signal application necessary unless the signal adds additional functions (valve, separation pipes).

Rotarycraft Handbook DescriptionEdit

Lubricant Hose:

"These actually carry the canola oil lubricant from the grinder to the gearboxes. The transmission is done automatically, and they will connect to any grinder or gearbox automatically as well."

Liquid Pipe:

"Pipes carry liquid from pumps to machines or reservoirs. A pipe can hold an unlimited amount internally but can only store one liquid at a time, and must be emptied before changing contents. Due to corrosion concerns, pipe cannot carry jet fuel or fluorine-based liquids."

Fuel Line:

"Fuel lines carry ethanol or jet fuel to the engines and furnaces that require it. Once connected to the source, they will automatically empty themselves into it. They have an infinite capacity, so caution is recommended when breaking them, to avoid destroying large quantities of stored fuel."

Valve Pipe:

"The valve pipe, like other pipe types, extract liquid from reservoir if placed below it. However, the pipe remains inert until given a redstone signal."

Bypass Pipe:

"The bypass pipes do not connect to each other or to machines, allowing for more compact piping."

Separation Pipe:

"The separator pipe can be used to route liquids according to a redstone signal. It takes in liquid on the sides, and will output the liquid up or down, depending on whether it is receiving power. It will transmit liquids upwards when it has power."

Suction Pipe:

"The suction pipe draws liquids from other mods' tanks and machines. It is not designed to connect to other pipe systems or to Rotarycraft machines."

Bedrock Pipe:

"The Bedrock Pipe seems to work just like a normal liquid pipe, though it seems to be resistant to explosions"

Angular Transducer OutputEdit

  • Fuel line contans X L of fuel.

Tips & TricksEdit

  • RC pipes and hoses connect to BC pipes and tanks.
  • In older versions of some packs, trying to render the valve pipe will crash. This is because another mod in the pack deletes the redstone block from which the pipe's textures are fetched.