The Refrigeration Unit is used to produce Liquid Nitrogen from Ice blocks, which is used with machines and equipment that requires liquid cooling.

It also has the capability to produce Dry Ice

RotaryCraft Handbook DescriptionEdit

The refrigeration unit is used to dramatically cool air to the point that some components freeze or condense out of it. This is how liquid nitrogen and dry ice are produced.

Power SpecificationsEdit

Required Power

32768 W

Required Torque 2048 Nm
Power Input back

Usage Edit

Provide the required torque and power and place Ice in the middle slot to create Liquid Nitrogen and Dry Ice.

Production Edit

For every block of Ice you put in the machine, you get a varying amount of liquid nitrogen back which is dependant on the input torque.

Produced = \lfloor\min{(2000, 100*(\lfloor\tau/\tau_{required}\rfloor)^2)}\rfloor

This means that when you supply the required torque and power, you would only get 100 mB of LN₂ per ice block. Every doubling of the input torque will quadruple the output LN₂.
However, supplying more than 16,384 Nm of torque no longer increases the production of LN₂, it is capped at 2,000 mB per block.

In addition to producing LN₂, there is a 25% chance per ice block to produce Dry Ice.

Duration of Operation Formula Edit

Each operation in the Refrigeration Unit takes between 43 seconds and 0.05 seconds, depending on the input speed.

Time_{ticks} = \lfloor\max{(1, 1000 - (80*\log_2({\omega+1})))}\rfloor

At the very minimum input of 2048 Nm and 16 rad/s, each operation would take 673 ticks, or 33.65 seconds.
Every doubling of input speed reduces the operational speed by between 2 and 4 seconds. Going from 1 rad/s to 2 rad/s is a 2.33 second decrease where going from 2048 rad/s to 4096 rad/s is a 3.99 second decrease.
Assuming an input torque of 16,384 Nm for maximum LN₂ produced per ice block and a rotational speed of 8192 rad/s (134.217 MW!), 20 blocks of ice would be consumed per second!

Tips & Tricks Edit

  • Make sure you provide at least 10240 Nm of torque as this would ensure you get the most Liquid Nitrogen out per ice block, this can be met exactly by torquing 4096 by 5 then speeding by 2

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