Differnet shape reservoir

Reservoir in different shapes and with different liquids


Reservoir set up with a pump.

The reservoir is a multiblock tank that can store up to 64 buckets of any liquid. Adjacent reservoirs of the same liquid (or empty) will join together to form a connected tank.

Right-clicking with a bucket will add or remove liquid, additionally glass bottles can be filled if it contains water.

Specifications Edit

Storage Capacity

64,000 millibuckets per block


top and sides



Tips & TricksEdit

  • Larger reservoirs can be fallen into, and the liquids inside will have their normal effects. Reservoirs filled with lava and other hot liquids are dangerous for this reason.
  • Reservoirs can be filled with gases that are lighter than air, but they will escape and cause you to lose them.
  • The temperature of the fluid in the reservoir affects the environment; cold fluid
    2014-01-25 17.05.58
    s will freeze nearby water, and hot fluids will start fires and possibly even convert sand to glass.
  • Right-clicking a reservoir with a glass pane will cause the reservoir to have a glass cover. This prevents lighter-than-air gases from escaping and you from falling in.
  • Uncovered empty reservoris will accumulate water in the rain if they can see the sky.
  • Filled Reservoirs can be picked up and moved without losing their contents.
  • If the liquids in a reservoir are flammable, exposing the reservoir to heat can result in a fiery explosion.

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