The Shaft Cores are advanced machine parts. They come in two types: the regular shaft core made up of HSLA steel and the diamond shaft core.

The regular shaft core can be magnetized in a Magnetizing Unit and used to generate power in the AC Electric Engine.

Tips & TricksEdit

  • The magnetized shaft cores are extremely efficient power generators for mid-tier progression if used correctly: a single steam engine (16384 W) coupled with a 4:1 gearbox configured for speed and a 2-clock is able to run the Magnetizing Unit on the minimum speed requirement and the best clock ticking, charging 1 mT (millitesla) every 8.95 seconds. Then you can use the magnetized shaft to produce 131072 W in a 2-clocked AC engine, demagnetizing 1 mT per 30 seconds. That is, you spend 146.636 kJ to get 3.932 MJ, more than 26 times the invested energy.
  • The shaft core max charge is dependent to speed which the Magnetizing Unit is receiving. That is, the higher the speed, the more charge it can store. The max charge can be given by the formula: Rads/2.
  • Using an AC Electric Engine with a 2:1 Diamond Gearbox followed by two 16:1 Diamond Gearboxes, all set to Speed, to make a max charged (65,536 mT) Magnetized Shaft Core will take 53h 42m 11s 4t, costing about 3,223mT and wielding you 20,33 times the energy cost.
  • Using high speed engines (such as a Microturbine) to power the Magnetizing Unit reduces further the charging time of the shaft. The speed necessary for 1-tick operation is 1048576 rad/s.