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A Wind Turbine

The wind turbine uses wind to generate rotational power. It is low-torque, but high speed and only requires an open area. For maximum efficiency, 16 blocks of unobstructed space in front of it and an altitude of at least 128 blocks are required.

Rotarycraft Handbook DescriptionEdit

"The wind turbine uses wind to generate rotational power. Due to the low density of air, it does not generate much torque (only 4 Nm), but its design allows it to rotate at the rather rapid speed of 1024 rad/s, producing a total of 4.096 kW at max efficiency. Note that the efficiency of this engine is only maximized when it is high up and out in the open.  Objects and blocks can obstruct the blades of this engine."



4 Nm

Speed 1024 rad/s
Power 4.096 kW
Power Source


Requires Consumables No
Risks Spinning Blades

Tips & TricksEdit

  • Steel cost wise, this is a good way to charge up industrial coils early in game, before you are able to construct solar towers.
  • Place Lots of them with junctions.