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A Worktable


Worktables are used to craft all Rotarycraft machines (except the Blast furnace and itself).  They can be automated with redstone signals and have a storage capacity.

Rotarycraft Handbook DescriptionEdit

"The worktable is the crafting grid on which all machines must be crafted, with the exception of the Blast Furnace and the worktable itself.  Simply use it as an ordinary crafting table.  To actually craft the products, give it a redstone signal or click the item in the right hand side.  The workbench is also used to recharge spring-powered tools.  Simply put a new spring and the tool in the left slot, and take the products from the right.  Unlike a crafting table, the workbench stores its contents."

Tips & TricksEdit

  • The worktable can disassemble completed Rotarycraft machines, by placing 1 or more of the same machine in a single stack on the left (must be in the center slot), and providing a redstone signal.  It will deconstruct at a rate of 1 machine per tick, meaning a stack takes roughly 3.2 seconds.